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New Mass Effect 2 DLC adds omniscient AI villain, Overlord

Hot on the heels of last month's Kasumi DLCcomesthe new Overlord pack scheduled for release in June. This semi-meaty addition adds five new areas and two new Achievements, plus the eponymous new robo-villain who's out to overthrow all of our precious machines.

The story begins on a Cerberus research facility that hasn't reported in for quite some time. Upon arrival, you find the team there was attempting to fuse man and machine by combining a human with an aggressive AI. The result is Overlord, who then begins to commandeer all nearby tech, including mechs and even Geth troopers. If he finds a way off the planet, odds are he'll pull some kind of "merging with the Matrix" stunt. Or, for you classically learned geeks, Overlord will follow in Omnius' footsteps and become overseer of all human existence. That's bad.

This is just a hunch, but make sure you take Legion along forthis ride, as I'm sure he'll have some interesting things to say about a runaway AI. The Overlord pack will magically appear on Xbox Live and PC in June for $7.00. Check more screensway over here.

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