New Kickstarter horror proves that PT is a genre now

Someone really needs to start buying those LED bulbs with 500 eye burning lumens so that we don't have to keep seeing dimly lit corridors with an ominous dark shape at the end. Mum, is that you with blades instead of hands...? Following in the creaking footsteps of Allison Road, another PT inspired Kickstarter horror game has appeared from the gloom. Visage is aiming for a release across PC, PS4 and Xbox One early next year and all takes place in a single house where "terrible things have happened."

The team behind the project, Sad Square Studio, is happy to say it was inspired by the tantalising glimpse of Kojima and Del Toro's Silent Hills. "We won't hide it, we were inspired by that great game," says the studio's official site. "Furthermore, the decision to cancel Silent Hills pushed us to develop an awesome and terrifying game to quench the horror fan's thirst. That said, we're not trying to become merely some kind of PT successor. We're driven by the lack of truly terrifying games on the market like Alien: Isolation, PT, F.E.A.R., and Amnesia: The Dark Descent."

The footage below shows a slow steady exploration of the house during the 1980s but things take a turn for the Silent Hill-style surreal near the end. Moments from the house's brutal history will apparently unfold and reveal themselves as we make our way around the dimly lit abode and we'll have to manage our stress as we explore. Visage has already almost reached its goal of $35,000 and still has plenty of time to reach stretch goals that include the addition of VR at $50,000 and dead family members from the house to hunt you down at $75,000. You can find out more about the project and listen to some scary soundbites here.

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Louise Blain

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