New Ancient Wars: Sparta screens, trailer

The latest media blast from forthcoming PC RTS Ancient Wars: Sparta finds the game's Persian faction peering out from beneath the rug. Ahem.

Blessed with gifted ship builders (they are the only faction able to construct a ship right at the shore, without the need of a dock or a harbour, apparently), the Persians also get cool battle elephants, massive ballistas for defense and employ battering rams to knock down walls and stuff.

But the crowning Persian glory are the Immortals, warriors hard enough to give the the Spartan Hoplites a run for their money.

Ancient Wars: Sparta is set in the ancient Mediterranean between 500 and 450 BC and follows historical events. It features battlegrounds based on "realistic historical settings" with Spartans, Egyptians and Persians fighting for control of the region. Hit the Images tab to check out the news screens.