MX vs ATV Untamed review

Here's mud up your back!

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Like one of those packed-to-the-rafters titles EA bang out every year with enough gameplay to last you until the next annual update, this is the only mud driving game you’ll ever need. It’s so packed with content, vehicles and race modes, just picking your entry point becomes a real dilemma - do you favour straight racing or stunts? Open worlds or tracks? Mud or gravel? Cars or bikes? Do you want to compete against the best drivers in the world or a bunch of chumps? And in a lengthy career or a custom tournament?

Like a big box of LEGOs, Untamed lets you build your own game - first your event from eight different modes, then your vehicle, which you can then customise with new parts, paint and decals. Next, pick your track from several totally open worlds or the comprehensive set of stadiums; finally pick your opponents, decide how skilled you want them to be and what you want them driving and it’s onto the track for some actual game.

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DescriptionNot nearly as pretty or as smooth as its 360 and PS3 siblings, but nothing to sneer at either.
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Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)