Must see: beautiful Destiny photos without the HUD

Destiny has some amazing vistas. Anyone who plays will--at some point--feel the need to take an in-game photo of their Guardian, sat contemplating the beauty of it all. Or maybe they're just sat around being all furious about getting yet another cloak from a Legendary Engram, instead of something useful. Who knows. Problem is, all the screen furniture (the HUD) gets in the way of true, postcard-grade shots. Which is why I was so happy to find this blog by friends of GR, Squiggly Gamers, who have gathered together some stunning Destiny screens and removed ALL the clutter.

Just look at it! Yes, it's just a skybox with some fancy lighting but... wow. No-one does skyboxes quite like Bungie, and they've gone to town with them in Destiny. So, head over to the Squiggly Gamers blog and check out all the screens, in their full glory. Don't forget that you can enlarge them on that site too, to get a better look.

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