MotorStorm - updated hands-on

Still, that's the one black mark on an otherwise stellar demo. Especially when you consider that MotorStorm, unlike certain PS3 launch titles, looks like a next-gen game should. The Rain God Mesa course is extremely detailed, right down to the persistent tracks racers leave in the mud, and it looks even better at high speeds when the motion blur kicks in. It's also really well-designed, with lots of huge ramps, sudden drops and hairpin turns to navigate; even after plowing through it a couple dozen times, we're still not bored with it.

Again, we don't yet know what the final game will be like. But now, we really want to know. the MotorStorm demo is the most fun we've had on the PS3 that didn't involve playing Resistance: Fall of Man. And you can't beat the price, which only involves waiting through the 456 MB download from the PlayStation store. If you've been lucky enough to snag a PS3, then this belongs on your hard drive.