MotoGP4 - Hands On

It's pretty cool that the US version is the only one sporting online capabilities, but there's plenty more to check out. For a quick racing fix, you can tear ass with the Arcade mode, free of career-breaking failures or embarrassing head injuries - on the other hand, you can create a racer and take him through every class in the game. There's even a multiplayer Grand Prix mode with some 4-player, split screen action.

Rounding out the game modes are Time Trial, Training and Challenge. As the only non-obvious one, the latter is a series of 125 quick tests that you can beat to earn more GP points - a currency that's conveniently accepted at the paddock. Buy movies, licensed riders and, of course, more tracks with your accumulated GP wealth.

Even though MotoGP4 caters heavily to the hardcore, after running through the elaborate training mission, we managed to hold our own. It's not the most accessible racer you could try, but it's still one sleek, stylin' ride.