Scrolls lawsuit "would set a bad example for the industry," says Mojang

Since the story broke we reached out to both parties for more information. While Bethesda declined to comment, we received some interesting remarks from Carl Manneh, managing director at Mojang.

When asked what he thought would be the precedent set if the case would go in Bethesda’s favor, Manneh said that “It would set a bad example for the industry,” adding that it would also “show how poorly the trademark legislation works.”

We also asked if there were any other reasons Bethesda might be going after Mojang, as it seemed as though there might be more to the story than had already come out, Manneh said that he didn’t know of any. In fact, they’ve apparently tried to handle things outside of the legal system, but were consistently rebuffed.

“We have tried to reach out to talk to Zenimax, but we are always blocked by layers of lawyers,” he said. “We think that is a very unproductive and expensive way of communicating.”

We’ve reached out again to Bethesda for comments on Manneh’s remarks, and will keep you updated on the story as it develops.

Sep 28, 2011

Hollander Cooper

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