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Times Square Minecraft remake is complete with billboards and building interiors

Fear not: years spent staring at pixelated screens haven't finally done in your vision, making you perceive real-world images as a grid of chunky, colorful squares. What you're seeing is a Minecraft version of Times Square, New York City's beating heart of neon advertising and gawking pedestrians.

Planet Minecraft user qq1394236817 (kind of amazed they can remember all those numbers every time they log in) created the detailed replica, which features city streets, building interiors, and signage aplenty. I wonder how much a penthouse like this would cost in diamonds...

If you want to play through the level yourself, you'll need a special texture pack to make it look like a city instead of a very confused quarry, and shader to give it that glossy, "way cleaner than New York or any other urban center for that matter" look. It will also require a version of Minecraft between 1.7.2 and 1.7.10.

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Connor Sheridan
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