Micro Machines V4 - multiplayer hands-on

In a world of Gran Turismo and Mario Kart, it's easy to overlook practically every other racer that%26rsquo;s languishing on retail shelves. But one series that really deserves a multiplayer look is Micro Machines - its bare-bones gameplay and frenzied power-ups make every single race a shouting match between friends.

We sat down for a four-player session and lovingly crafted a movie-click that movies tab above -to illustrate exactly why you'll want to grab three friends and start tearing across pool tables, kitchen counters and unkempt rooftops. The point isn't to win laps, but rather be the first to race out of the screen - easy to say, but with track hazards (rolling pins and horrendous chickens to name a couple) and tons of pint-sized power-ups aimed at your back, you'll be lucky to keep the lead.

One feature we really bought into was the ability to harass the other drivers if you're bumped out of the screen. See, if you fall behind, the other players keep racing until one gets ahead - but while you're waiting, you can toss items onto the track to slip-up the remaining racers. The object changes per level, so in one we were tossing darts into the track and the next we were rolling quarters at the passing mini-autos.

The more challenges you complete in the single-player game, the more cars and tracks you can choose from in multiplayer. We'll have a full review coming up for the game's June 27 release, but until then, check out the video for a sampling of Micro Machines V4 chaos.