Medal of Honor Heroes

The list of mega-franchises looking for a PSP appearance just shrank by one - Medal of Honor Heroes plans to bring the best parts of the series together in one tightly wound, portable package. Key among the additions to the WWII shooter are the 32-player online matches that'll no doubt recruit some new soldiers to the handheld warfront. Six multiplayer modes and 15 maps should only sweeten the deal. Still living in the Stone Age with no wireless access? You'll still be able to hook up with eight people in local matches.

Heroes will cover three separate chunks of the European front, with each focusing on an old hero from the previous games - Frontline, Allied Assault Breakthrough and European Assault are all represented in the single-player game, and more than 20 other classic (?) Medal characters are unlockable for use in the multiplayer scenarios.

Heroes is slated to deploy this fall, which means more details can't be far behind.

August 4, 2006