Mass Effect Video Walkthrough

We just got our mits on the X06 Demo for the upcoming planet-hopping, RPG saga, Mass Effect. As Commandeer Shepard, you'll have to master the art of conversation, in addition to the art of warduring your quest to prevent a race of evil machines from playing wicked with the galaxy.Similar todeveloper Bioware's previous games, Jade Empire and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, outcomes in Mass Effect hinge upon the haste and/or compassion you show in your words and deeds.

The new footage takes place entirely in-game, and walks you through some ofMass Effect 's unique nuances.Theactiontakes place on the planet of Caleston, showingjust how you'll employ squad tactics during battle.Andthose who take issue with colossal amount of talkingmay very well love the interrupting feature.If you don't care to waitfor some alien blowhardto put an end totheir soliloquy, Mass Effect allows dialogue actions to be executed in real time.

Mass Effect won Best RPG at this year's E3, and given how well Bioware's choose-your-own-destiny approach hasin the past,we're expecting great things from the game when it drops later next year.

Until then, click the Movies tab above to check out Mass Effect 's video walkthrough