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Bolster your galactic readiness with a Mass Effect Loot Crate

I see enough N7 hoodies out in the wild to know I'm far from the only person who appreciates Mass Effect's 22nd century aesthetic. Now I have some good news for fashion Renegades and paraphernalia Paragons alike: BioWare and Loot Crate are collaborating on a Mass Effect N7 Limited Edition Crate, and they plan to ship it out later this year.

The companies say that the crates will be full of "rare and exclusive Mass Effect collectibles." As is standard operating procedure for a Loot Crate, you won't know exactly what's in the box until it arrives at your door. Here's hoping for some nice N7 slippers (my old pair is getting a bit ratty), though I wouldn't mind a teaser or two for Mass Effect: Andromeda (opens in new tab), either.

If you want to grab a Mass Effect crate as soon as orders go live, you can sign up for email notifications on Loot Crate's official page (opens in new tab). Or if post-apocalyptic futures are more your vibe, you still have time to get in on the Fallout 4 Loot Crate (opens in new tab).

Note: Loot Crate has previously been a business partner of GR+; we even had our very own crate at San Diego Comic-Con (opens in new tab). Here's an unboxing video to give you an idea of what you might get.

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