Mass Effect galactic gameplay trailer

Monday 11 December 2006
This revealing reel of gameplay footage for developer BioWare's epic space RPG, Mass Effect, finally brings you a glimpse of the Xbox 360 game's hard-to-describe but intuitively designed controls.

There's an exploration of the game's stunning galaxy map before the trailer takes you to a dusty mining colony, and a hostile encounter with your robotic enemies. Hit the movies tab above to see the clip.

BioWare promise that Mass Effect will be a true next-gen experience, and not just thanks to the gorgeous visuals. Watch here and you'll see the game's impressive conversation-system in action, as well as the squad-tactics and psychic abilities on offer in your war against the rampaging robo-army.

It's not easy to grasp the scope of Mass Effect's galactic adventure but this trailer goes some way to illustrate the wealth of possibilities BioWare's space opera is aiming to provide when it lands on Xbox 360 next year. We'll be catching a dropship into a Mass Effect hands-on soon.