Mass Effect 2 'Shadow Broker' DLC coming Sept. 7th - new screens and details inside

BioWare's official sitehas been updatedwith new information on Shadow Broker,the latest Mass Effect 2DLC expansion. According to the site'sbrief description, the new mission teams Shepard with Liara T'Sonion a quest totrack down the devious and elusive Shadow Broker, kicking off on the lush planet ofIllum and concluding in the secret lair of the mystery man himself. It also adds five new achievements and the opportunity to continue a relationship with the baby-faced blue heroine... er, genderlessoine.

Above: No, I won't look at you... it's more dramatic this way

The DLC will be available on September 7th, and will set you back 800 MS Points on 360, or 800 BioWare Points on PC. See all of the new screenshotsin our viewer!

Aug 23, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer