Martha returns to Doctor Who

On Saturday, Martha Jones bowed out of Doctor Who, departing in "Last of the Time Lords" - but giving the Doctor her mobile and promising that she'd see him again. And now the Beeb have confirmed that we don't have long to wait before she does.

Freema Agyeman will be returning to Who in the middle of the fourth series. Yayyyy!
Although they don't say how long she'll be staying for, so for all we know it could just be a one-off appearance.

In the meantime, she'll be teaming up with John Barrowman again in three episodes of Torchwood (hmm... do you think she'll break it to Captain Jack that he's going to evolve into a giant head?), in a cunning move to bump up the ratings for the spin-off show. So Freema had better start practising her dirty cuss words. I was about to type something involving the words "rebound shag" and "Owen", but I disgusted myself, so I won't.

The Beeb have also confirmed that there'll be another, full-time companion for the Doctor, who'll appear in all 13 episodes of the fourth series - expect an announcement about this soon. If you're listening, guys, two words: SALLY SPARROW! We could happily watch her eating soup for 13 episodes...

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Source: BBC Doctor Who website

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