Man U gets official treatment

Wednesday 23 August 2006
Manchester United will join the ranks of officially licensed teams for Pro Evolution Soccer 6, it has been confirmed today, along with Bayern Munich, Sporting Lisbon, Benfica, Olympiakos and the entire French top flight football league, the Ligue 1. PES 6 will also include official kits for the English, Italian, Spanish, Argentinean, French, Australian, Czech and Swedish national teams.

Additional info has also been confirmed for Pro Evolution Soccer 6 on PSP. The handheld version will now feature a Master League mode - although interactivity between PS2 and PSP ML teams has not been mooted - as well as a new camera angle offering a zoomed out view of the pitch to solve PSP's PES problems with long distance passing.

PS2 will also receive a boost in the form of new eight-player online matches. You'll be able to link up four machines, each with two players, to kick off these packed games, and we have it on strong authority that the crippling lag issue - where one half of an online match would always be near-impossible to play - has finally been sorted.

We'll have to wait until review time to see if the claims are backed up with real gameplay improvements - but we won't have to wait too long, with PES 6 due out in a few month's time.