Man guts electric organ, turns it into an amazing chiptune keyboard, becomes our hero for life

But now I don't have to! Because if I can persuade him to build me one, Linus Akesson has a stupidly awesome real-time solution. Called the Chipophone, it's a 1970s electric organ reworked as a 1980s game-emulating synth. Yes, where other '70s organs have remained static and dated, this one has modernised by a whole ten years over the last thirty! But chrono-jokes aside, it's amazing, with more settings, tweaks and sounds than you'd possibly believe, for authentic recreations of every chiptune technique around. Our favourite is the option to play chords as fudged-together arpeggios, just like limited sound channels used to force us to. Watch the vid. Watch the vid and become instantly jealous.