Lost Planet - walkthrough

So it's day one on this frozen wasteland of a planet and you're already eager to cheat? We don't blame you. With so many oversized insects and power-mad snow pirates running around, it's understandable to search for a leg-up. That's why we're here - starting today we're bringing you all the details you'll need on each level of this explosive adventure, including all of the target marks.

This week we're bringing you levels one through five, then on the 19th we'll wrap it all up with walkthroughs of levels 6 through 11. Hell, maybe we'll even give you tips on toppling pain-in-the-ass insects that net you a cool 50 achievement points apiece. But first, a couple of general pointers. You don't have to grab all the letter tokens in one run - just get what you can the first time, clear the level to record your progress, then hop back inside to gather the rest. You still have to beat the area again, though, so be prepared to play some levels repeatedly. You die, it doesn't count. Second, if you see a barrel, shoot it and watch the bodies fly. Third, a poorly tossed grenade can still be shot and detonated anywhere. For more, hit the links below.

Week One:Levels 1-5

Week Two:Levels 6-11