Lost Planet roundup

Console gamers spent most of their winter bundled up and armed to the teeth, raining heavy weapons down upon endless streams of giant bugs. Their home planet, an icy rock unfit for any living thing, made the perfect battleground both in the game and in reality - winter is the least-forgiving season for most of the country, after all. But now in bright, sunny June, the idea of traversing a snowy plain ravaged by a building-sized worm might actually come as a welcome reprieve from the sweltering heat. To this end, we present our extensive Lost Planet coverage from the Xbox 360 version, plus a review of the brand-spankin' new PC version.

Review, walkthrough, token guide, movies, multiplayer impressions, it's all here. Just choose your path below.

Lost Planet review (PC)
It's a strange feat to play through the PC version of Xbox 360 mega-hit Lost Planet and still feel as exhilarated by its immense boss battles and explosive gameplay as we did the first time we turned it on six months ago.
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Lost Planet review (360)
Trapped on an isolated planet, it's you against an endless army of giant bugs and ruthless snow pirates. Your only memories are of loss and violence, something about betrayal and a towering knowledge of rocket-launching robotic suits. Basically, you're well-equipped to blast the living hell out of everything you see.
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Lost Planet - walkthrough
With so many oversized insects and power-mad snow pirates running around, it's understandable to search for a leg-up. That's why we're here - starting today we're bringing you all the details you'll need on each level of this explosive adventure, including all of the target marks.
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Lost Planet ending
Want to see how it ends? We cut to the chase with the biggest games of the year, Lost Planet included.
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Lost Planet movies, trailers and gameplay footage
All the best film from the 360 version of the game, including bonus maps and other goodies not yet available on the PC.
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16-player showdown
We just spent several hours duking it out with 15 other players on all kinds of maps, and now we're loading up our frost-bitten experiences into a gargantuan mech-cannon and blasting it down your gullet.
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June 26, 2007

Brett Elston

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