The Last Of Us Left Behind is now a stand alone game. No excuses: play it

The Last Of Us' lovely DLC Left Behind is now available as a stand alone game according to an announcement on the Sony blog. So, now there's no excuse not to play it if you traded in your copy of TLOU early and missed it on PS3. It's going stand alone on PS3 and Ps4 though so everyone can have a go if they haven't already.

It's a short little story following Ellie both before and after teaming up with Joel that has some incredibly moving and poignant moments - there's some seriously emotional punching going on in there. It was only really let down by its original high price. That's something that's been fixed here as the re-release will clock in at €9.99/£7.99, a much better time to money ratio.

Here's a little teaser that also introduces Riley, Ellie's friend from before the main game.

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