Konami eyes 360 for Castlevania exclusive

Sept 11, 2007

Konami has its sights set on making the next console-based Castlevania game exclusively Xbox 360, following comments by the series creator, Koji Igarashi, who pointed towards the console's popularity in the priority US market.

"I will be working on a DS [Castlevania game]," said Igarashi, "but I am thinking of moving to the home consoles for the future. I will continue to use 2D for the DS version, but I'm still trying to figure out which console to do the home console versions. I think the Xbox 360 would be the best platform for the U.S. market," he revealed.

He's not so keen on PS3 though, it seems. "The U.S. market is the biggest market for the Castlevania series, so I will give the first priority to the U.S. market. The platform will be the Xbox 360, since the PS3 isn't doing well everywhere in the world," he said.

Above: Don't forget that Castlevania has already made an appearance on the 360

Igarashi speculates that Konami's forthcoming release of Metal Gear Solid 4 may boost PS3 sales and make it a more viable platform for Castlevania.

The DS Castlevania Igarashi spoke of is a brand new game. Igarashi told Game Informer that Konami will make an announcement about it "soon." And it's bound to be ace.

Courtesy of CVG.