Kojima to reveal Wii game?

Wednesday 3 May 2006
Konami could well be revealing Hideo Kojima's first game for Nintendo Wii at its E3 press event next week.

It has long been known that Metal Gear creator Kojima has been developing for Nintendo's new console and it now seems that this year's E3 will see it presented to the world's gaming press.

The source of this speculation comes from the curious choice of design used for the Konami conference invites. On the postcards were the following words: "return, rearm, regale, rebirth, respect, refine", all with the first two letters - 're' - in red ink and scrawled over the Kojima Productions logo.

The continual emphasis of the 're' part of the words has led many to believe a game for Re-volution will be unveiled, despite the fact that Nintendo's new console is now called Wii. This is due to the fact that the invitations were obviously designed before Nintendo made the announcement of the name change.

Again, this - along with all the other pre-E3 speculation - will be proved true or false within the next seven days.

In other Hideo Kojima news, it seems that the respected developer has confirmed that Metal Gear Solid will be turned into a film. In a radio interview he stated that "we're going to do it as a movie - a Hollywood movie," but wouldn't be drawn on any other details.