Kiss Me Guido review

Pizza parlour employee Frankie Zito (Scotti) dreams of leaving the Bronx and becoming a famous actor. So he answers an ad placed by Warren (Barrile), who's looking for a new flatmate in Manhattan. Alas, the innocent newspaper acronym GWM doesn't mean "guy with money" but rather "gay white male", and, while Warren is 100 per cent Rupert Everett, Frankie is as straight as a die. Kiss Me Guido, the directorial debut of Tony Vitale, succeeds as an enjoyable farcical culture-clash comedy. Its cast of unknowns deliver strong, vibrant performances, there's a cracking disco soundtrack and the film isn't afraid to poke fun at entrenched attitudes in both the homosexual and Italian-American communities. Another treat from the US indie-birthing pool.

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