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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep gets a Summer release

WARNING: If you’re Japanese, don’t bother reading this. You’ve probably played or seen Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep by now… but as for the rest of us: HOLLA!

Above: From irrelevant corporate spokesman, to royal Jedi badass!

Square-Enix just announced a vague “Summer” release date for what could bethe last Kingdom Hearts title ever, and they’ve sent along some luscious new screenshots without those pesky Majhong tile characters. Here’s some of our favs:

Above: “CLOTHESLINE, you Bon of a Stitch!”

Above: Typical of Square protags, here we see Terra, Roxas, and Aqua kickin’ it into High Mope!

Above: When Roxas rocks he rocks the fat ass! Even when he's actually Ventus, not Roxas? (Serously, what the f*** is going on here?!)

Above: SPOILER?!

What can I say, I'm unabashed Disney dork. If you are too, by all means,click hereto see the rest of the newimages.

Mar 17, 2010