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Kings Speech director could helm Les Miserables

tom hooper

Oscar-nominated director Tom Hooper could already be lining up his next project in the form of a film version of stage musical Les Miserables .

Hooper, who will find out this Sunday if he’s won the Best Director Academy Award for The King’s Speech (among others), is currently deciding if Les Miserables (meaning The Miserable Ones) is for him.

The Broadway musical is based on the novel by Victor Hugo, and follows ex-convict Jean Valjean in his struggle for redemption. It’s a fictional tale that weaves in historical fact.

Interestingly, Hooper was also apparently approached regarding Iron Man 3 , and was offered the keys to that comic book threequel by Marvel. Hooper, however, turned it down, and now Shane Black has the gig.

Is Hooper simply more attracted to historical drama? That’s the impression we get with the Les Mis news. And based the filmmaker's work with The King’s Speech , we’d say he’s a perfect match for the project.