King Kong on screenshot rampage

Ubisoft has at last revealed the first details and screenshots from the multi-format monkey madness that is Peter Jackson's King Kong.

Based on the Lord of the Rings bloke's forthcoming remake of the classic flick, it features gameplay that alternates between a first-person battle for survival on Skull Island and third-person sections that, according to Ubisoft, allow you to "experience the staggering power of King Kong". Cripes.

You have a number of team members accompanying you, each with their own unique skills, while an intriguing - and supposedly realistic - resource management system looks after your items and weapons.

As for monkey boy himself, Kong will be able to use both his agility and his brute strength to battle enemies and navigate though the perils of the island.

Peter Jackson's King Kong will be released for - wait for it - DS, GBA, Cube, PC, PS2, PSP and Xbox this Christmas, with an Xbox 360 version to follow