Killer 7 teases us again

Once again Capcom have fed the world more meagre morsels of their sumptuously screened Killer 7. So let us pause for a moment while your eyes absorb the PS2 and Gamecube glory that adorns this page so beautifully. Just look at the way the bloody third-person beatings smear and blur into brutal first-person shooting. It's lovely.

But while you're revelling in the artistry, isn't it time that the world wondered why so little has been seen of this title? Why no one has managed to get their hands on the beast and explain exactly how this undoubtedly stunning but insanely schizophrenic game actually works? And why Capcom are being so coy in showing off a game that is meant to arrive on Gamecube in March?

At the moment, no one outside of the company knows or will say. But while we're all waiting, let's enjoy the view one more time.

Killer 7 is slated to appear on Gamecube in March and on PS2 at a later, currently unspecified, date