Kane & Lynch's big secret

Friday 25 August 2006
Kane & Lynch, the new PC and Xbox 360 project from Hitman developer, Io Interactive, will feature a brand new, never before seen multiplayer mode.

After taking us through two of the game's single-player levels, Io game director, Jens Peter Kurup, revealed that the multiplayer experience will be completely new to gamers.

"It's based on one single idea and we cannot figure out why nobody else has done it yet. We find it gorgeous and we would hate anybody else to do it before us."

Above: Kane & Lynch promises some exciting multiplayer action, but we've a wait on our hands

Unfortunately, after tickling our interest, Kurup made it clear that Io won't be revealing its multiplayer mode for quite some time: "We hope to keep it under wraps for at least half a year... or more."

Thankfully, the Kane & Lynch solo campaign isn't classified information and we'll be bringing you a report on what we were shown behind closed doors at the Leipzig Game Convention real soon.