Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights

Some games really dish out a kicking before you get any sort of pleasure from them, making you feel quite inadequate and full of self-loathing. (Thought you were good at games? Think again, you useless idiot.) So after countless hard nights of enduring your gamer%26rsquo;s ego getting beating after beating, it should be comforting to know that one driving game is on its way which will (metaphorically) wipe away the tears and haul you down the bar for a couple of pick-me-ups.

Juiced 2 wants to make you feel good about yourself, not torpedo your self-esteem for lacking the patience to sit through loads of identikit license tests. Teaming up with the massively popular event Hot Import Nights - think hip hop, perfectly proportioned ladies and exotic cars and you%26rsquo;d be right on - Juiced 2 is all about making driving as exciting and as much fun as possible. Everything from the retina-scorching paint scheme you choose to the racing itself is geared towards being accessible yet involving; if it%26rsquo;s even vaguely dull or intimidating, it ain%26rsquo;t going in the game.