JJ Abrams considering The Dark Tower series

JJ Abrams currently looks like the safe bet to develop Stephen King’s epic Dark Tower series – the only question is, into what?

With rumours constantly flying around that Abrams is no longer directing the Star Trek relaunch, it may be that he’s looking for his next project. But then, King is apparently interested in Abrams because of his love of Lost, so it may be that his seven book series is heading for the small screen.

TV’s probably the best place for the project – only a mini-series could possibly pack in everything (Dark Tower makes the Harry Potter series look like a pop-song lyric), but then the budget required to do it justice suggests the smell of popcorn is in the air.

But don’t look to the studios for help. Abrams develops his movie projects with Paramount, and his telly stuff with Warner Bros, via his Bad Robot company – but the project has yet to be set up with either major.

One thing’s for sure, Abrams will be involved somehow. King attended a recent Lost round-table and professed his love for the made-up-as-it-goes-along show, whilst Damon Lindelof, Abram’s mate and Lost exec producer, brought along a rare first edition of The Gunslinger, book one in the Tower series, for King to sign.

Remember, in Hollywood, people don’t suck up to each other for nothing. Expect to see The Dark Tower series on a screen somewhere, sometime, with JJ’s name on it.