Iwata talks Revo prices

Iwata also spoke about Revolution's Virtual Console download system and admitted that - following the news last week that Sega would use the system to offer classic Mega Drive titles to Revolution gamers - other publishers were also interested in VC.

He confirmed that, in addition to retro favourites, the distribution service would be used for new games and that he sees Virtual Console as an integral way to provide players with reasonably priced, high quality gaming.

Above: Company president Satoru Iwata believes the Virtual Console service will allow Nintendo to offer decent games at wallet friendly prices

The Nintendo president proposed that if developers created something simple and addictive - like Tetris - he would want to make the game available on Virtual Console to keep the cost to a minimum. Iwata believes that such a practice would ultimately allow Nintendo greater opportunities than if it was concentrating solely on games costing upwards of $50 a pop.

We'll have to wait for E3 to find out more details regarding Revolution, its games, prices and the increasingly promising Virtual Console system. We can't wait.

Matt Cundy
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