Is Halo: ODST better than Modern Warfare 2?

In the red corner, we’ve got the toughest, seminally stoic space men in the galaxy. In the blue corner, there’s the owner of the finest digital face fur in the history of humanity. Only one title can win the Golden Joystick Shooter of the Year award. So if you think Halo deserves it over Infinity Ward’s megaton shooter, you should head down yonder page to vote. That, or you could totally cast a sympathy vote for AVP. C’mon, someone’s got to give the Rastafarian space beastie some love.

Right, here’s how it works. The Golden Joysticks are the only awards in gaming that really matter, because they’re voted for by a select committee, including The Pope, Omar from The Wire and that green thing that lives in the bin from Sesame Street. Eh, we mean you. They’re voted for by you; real gamers. The ITN-sponsored Shooter of the Year category is pretty hotly contested this year, with the likes of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Borderlands and BioShock 2 competing along with the two big hitters we’ve already mentioned.

Above: Soap versus a Little Sister, eh? Our money's on the grizzled Glaswegian with the gun

To vote for your favourite shooter, hell, to vote for any of this year’s Golden Joystick categories, which feature awards for pretty much every genre you can think of, plus Ultimate Game of the Year, simply click here to make your voice heard. And to see all the titles you can vote for in the shooter section, just focus your peepers on the video below...

The winners will be announced at the Golden Joystick 2010 awards ceremony at a swanky London venue on October 29th, so make sure you get voting now. If you don’t, that weird-ass bin thing could well help Super Mario Bros. Wii win the ultimate game category. And frankly, that shit just won’t stand.

Above: Only you can stop Oscar the Grouch. What. An. Asshole

Sep 24, 2010