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iPhone game of the day: Zombie Infection

Game: Zombie Infection
Price: £3.99/$6.99
Size: 223MB
Buy it on the iTunes Store

We've already had Resident Evil 4 on iPhone, but if you thought that was an impressive conversion, you should see Zombie Infection. To say the game borrows ideas from Resident Evil 4 is an understatement. Everything here from the over-the-shoulder camera angle to the way dead enemies dissolve is the same as Capcom's masterpiece. But that's why it's so great - unlike the Resi 4 app, it doesn't cut any corners.

The game features a fully fledged story mode as well as Mercenaries-style score missions. The zombies' limbs can all be removed from their bodies, the game constantly throws up unexpected surprises and the control is top notch. In short, this is the game that Resident Evil 4 Mobile should have been.

Above: Look at the quality of the environment! Another new benchmark

Above: Alligators trigger a QTE here. Like we said, it's all familiar

12 May, 2010

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