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iPhone game of the day: Geometry Wars: Touch

Game: Geometry Wars: Touch
Price: £3.99/$4.99
Size: 41.5MB
Buy it now from the iTunes Store

You wouldn't think a retro-styled twin-stick shooter would be one of the best games available on modern consoles, but Geometry Wars is essential. Not only is this a near-perfect conversion of the also near-perfect Geometry Wars 2, you even get an iPhone exclusive 'Titans' mode. Oh, and multiplayer score challenges. And Facebook connectivity. It's even got Xbox 360-style achievements, meaning there's always a different way to play the game.

Control isabout the only thing that's not perfect, with quite a significant learning curve as you work out how far you need to move your thumb to fire or move your craft. But once you nail it, it's every bit as compelling as its Xbox 360 sibling. Even graphically, there's very little compromise here. What's more, the game has been tweaked to fit iPhone and iPad, making this a great value package if you happen to own both. Even if you don't, it's one of iPhone's best shooters.

Above: The background grid warps with the action and looks great

Above: A multiplayer Titans game, complete with massive enemies

Above: King mode returns. There's also a little mode called 'Pacifism'...

25 Jun, 2010

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