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iPhone Dead Rising lets your friends rescue you... or see you as a zombie

With Dead Rising 2 on store shelves at last, Capcom is turning its undead eyes to iPhone to create a portable version of its zombie slaying franchise. It's fully 3D too, as the first screenshots show. Built from the ground up, but followingthe same scenario as the first game, hopefully this will be a better fit than the disappointing Wii conversion. One thing it does have that its siblings don't is a social network-based zombie system.

Above:Is that a regular zombie? Or is it your mate who you neglectedto save yesterday afternoon?

If you die, you have a limited amount of time in which to put out a distress call for someone on your friends list to revive you, or you'll die and lose all your upgrades. We know what a bummer that is - going back to starting-level health is a worse prospect than another 100 zombies coming into the room in Dead Rising. Not only that, a zombie version of your corpse will then roam your friends' games. Awesome.

Above: Is that a zombie with a gun on the right? Either way, the low-poly zombies still look pretty high-res

The game features Frank West, star of the original Xbox 360 classic, back in Willamette Shopping Mall, which looks to be pretty faithful to its original incarnation judging by the screens.

Other than these infected bites of information, there's not much else known about the title, except that it won't run on 3G models or older. Aww. Expect price, file size and more to emerge festering from the ground in the coming days. In the mean-time, check out the rest of the screenshots:

Above: The cut-scenes are clearly not in-game... at least, not from the iPhone version of it

Above: Zombie mowing returns! And there are at least 11 zombies on-screen here. How many can it manage?

Above: When you haven't got working fingers, you can still balance your shotgun on your palm like a tray

Above: Goregasm! And yes, that is a zombie with a gun in her hand. Let's hope she's forgotten how to use it

Above: The katana returns! It was always our favourite weapon. Well, after the shower head

Above: A bloody machete and a touch icon for the round the world spinning throw? This just gets better...

Above: Knife, shotgun, baseball bat, pistol, zombie David Bowie... Looks full-featured, huh?

07 Oct, 2010


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