Internet Film Festival debut

Indie-kids of the world unite - a truly inspirational film festival championing the unsubsidised world of independent film has arrived - and you can watch it from home!

The Streaming Festival begins on the 12 May and the featured flicks can be viewed on six different websites.

This three day extravaganza organised by the Syntocin Foundation features movies from directors who create film without the aid of subsidy and its aim is to get more and more independent films out to the public via new media.

The films included in this years festival are:

Trains and Rabbits, by Dré Didderiëns, is a tragicomedy about a man who can’t tell fiction from reality
Jasper Scheepbouwer’s Noise is a look at neighbourhood disruption
Leda is a film about a woman’s wish to die by Melinda Jansen

For more information, head to the festival’s official site by clicking here .