Hyped Steven Spielberg game cancelled

Publisher EA has confirmed the cancellation of a game code named "LMNO," which was to be the apex of a huge partnership between EA and Hollywood mastermind Steven Spielberg. This comes after Spielberg's last creation, Boom Blox, didn't exactly reach the sales of Indiana Jones or Schindler's List.

"EA has ceased development of LMNO. EA continually monitors development resources and adjusts resources as appropriate," wrote the publisher in a statement.

When EA first announced its partnership with the director extraordinaire, it opened up imaginations across the world and everyone expected something spectacular. Then we got Boom Blox, a well-executed but basic puzzle game,which to many fell short of what was expected from a Spielberg-headlined game (e.g. the Medal of Honor series).

Not much was ever said of LMNO, but it was to be a much different game than Boom Blox - a World War II thriller. In an interview with Joystiq, a developer on the LMNO team said the game actually never even really got off the ground. But something else is coming -EA did make clear that its relationship with Spielberg remains intact.

Above: Boom Blox was a good game, but is this what you'd expect when you hear Steven Spielberg is headlining a video game?

As long as we don't get slapped with another ET game, I think the world will be fine with whatever the next Spielberg project happens to be.


Oct 12, 2010

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