Hot Brain warms up on PSP

Hot on the heels of the DS brain-training revolution that kicked off last year with Prof Kawashima's grey matter-taxing puzzler, developer Midway has revealed its own noggin-buster in the shape of PSP exclusive Hot Brain. But with a neat meter that measures the temperature of your brain as you play (hardwiring not required) and a pair of multiplayer modes, Hot Brain promises a different flavor of thinkbox training.

Hot Brain's tasks cover five categories - logic, memory, math, language and concentration. For improving intelligence with your friends, there's Brain Race and Think Tank modes, each for two to four-players. Brain Race sees you all racing to be the first player to raise their brain temp by completing a series of timed tasks, while you all work together in Think Tank to solve puzzles and raise the temperature of the brain on screen until it goes critical.

We're big fans of Prof Kawashima and his brain-enhancing antics, so we're looking forward to testing our grey matter with other like-minded friends when Hot Brain launches in the summer. We might even push our IQ past triple figures...

January 29, 2007