Hide 'n' seek with Solid Snake

Tuesday 3 October 2006
These brand new screens for Metal Gear Solid 4: The Guns of the Patriots give us an excellent view of Solid Snake's incredible camouflage skills, thanks to his super-special octo-cam suit.

The chameleonic gadget changes colour to match Snake's surroundings and helps you disappear in plain sight. Hit the images tab for even more.

Snake's octo-cam is so impressive we struggled to pick him out in some of these images. Look closely and you'll also see that in certain shots Snake is wearing an octo-cam hood. Check out the last minutes of the amazing Tokyo Game Show trailer and you'll see that a younger looking Snake is the one who wears a camouflage hood.

Is he a new playable character? A rival? Or another facemask to put us off the scent, like the faux-Raiden face Big Boss wore at the start of MGS3: Snake Eater? We'll have to wait a long time for the answers but at least Konami's steady dribble of new shots and info can help tide us over.