Haze confusion

Ubisoft has pulled the release dates issued earlier this week for the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Haze, stating that the game is only confirmed for PS3.

"Haze is only confirmed for the PS3. Neither PC or Xbox 360 are confirmed platform releases," the company said.

"Officially Haze is a PS3 lead development, PC and 360 versions are not confirmed at this time. There was an error in a release schedule which went out, which is causing a lot of confusion right now."

The Free Radical-developed shooter was originally announced for all three systems in 2006, but at the recent UbiDays conference only the PS3 version was demoed, with no other systems mentioned.

However, during anexclusive interview (opens in new tab)Free Radical's Dave Doak went against Ubisoft's word and told us that, while the game is leading on PS3, there are also Xbox 360 and PC versions coming.

This original Ubisoft release list dated the 360 and PC versions for November 30, one week after the PS3 version hits the streets.

Read our full interview with Doakright here (opens in new tab).

June 20, 2007