Hannah Montana And Miley Cyrus: Best Of Both Worlds review

Proving the concert movie isn’t entirely the domain of U2 and The Rolling Stones, Hannah Montana shows the teen pop sensation and her real-life alter-ego at work and play during her/their sell-out 2007 tour. Starting off as Hannah, a blonde-bewigged Hilary Duff-alike whose songs (‘I Got Nerve’, ‘Just Like You’’) sell inspirational messages about self-acceptance, Billy Ray’s 15-year-old daughter re-appears midway through as herself to croon similar-sounding ditties in slightly sluttier attire. In between we get snapshots of backstage life: Miley warbling with her dad, for example, or being dropped on her ass by her backing dancers. Disney will no doubt do the same the second she stops earning; for the moment, though, she’s a proper little trouper with enough charisma to render the 3D visuals redundant.

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