Hands-on with LocoRoco

But the more we play it, the more it looks like there's a strong, addictive action-puzzle game lurking under all the irresistible fluff. There's plenty of hidden stuff to find, and getting the tilt and momentum just right to jump onto a seemingly inaccessible ledge is uniquely rewarding.

Above: Sing, my blobbies! Sing!

If you think we're just blowing smoke, you can try the demo for yourself by clickinghere (opens in new tab) (the site has simple instructions for getting it onto your PSP). You'll need to install the new Version 2.7 firmware to play it, but so long as you don't use homebrew software - which the new firmware blocks - it's well worth it. If the rest of LocoRoco is as much fun as this, this could be a must-have when it arrives this fall.

Mikel Reparaz
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