Halo 2 be expanded

The Korean arm of Microsoft's Xbox.com website has indicated an expansion pack for popular online sci-fi gunfest Halo 2 is on its way.

In the coming soon portion of its release list, the website listed "Halo 2 X-Pack (Expansion Pack)" in between other eventually-to-be-released titles such as Rainbow Six Lockdown and Conker Live & Reloaded.

After its highly anticipated release, which impressively broke first day entertainment records in the US, Halo 2 was lightly criticised by slightly miffed gamers who felt its open non-ending was a blatant way of setting up a next-gen sequel.

Well, the X-Pack is causing a fresh wave of speculation, which suggests the real ending won't come with a next-gen sequel but will be part of this update.

Considering so many people purchased Halo 2 and that most of them don't have Xbox Live accounts, it is thought the release of a pay-for-download expansion, containing the ending all fans are waiting for, will be key to getting many non-Live enabled players to finally sign up, and then pay even more for content they should've had in the first place.

While this is a popular theory, it's unlikely Microsoft would actually limit and restrict an element of Halo 2's single-player game in such a way, and the X-Pack is more than likely a collection of extra multiplayer levels.

If we hear anything more on this, we'll let you know.