Gwendoline Christie joins The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

Fantasy crossover casting ahoy, as Variety reports that Game Of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie has signed on to join the cast of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay .

Christie, who plays the formidable Brienne of Tarth in the HBO series, will be taking on the role of Commander Lyme, the leader of District 13 and a former Hunger Games champion.

The role was initially to have been played by Lily Rabe, but the actress’s theatre commitments have lead to her dropping out of the production.

This will represent Christie’s first major movie role after sterling work in the first three series of Game Of Thrones , the highlight of which saw her go toe-to-toe with a bear, armed only with a wooden sword…

Directed by Francis Lawrence, Mockingjay pt. 1 will open in the UK on 21 November 2014, before the second instalment arrives on 20 November 2015.

George Wales

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