Guitar Hero Live has a party mode that gives you all of GHTV on demand

On top of its standard set list, Guitar Hero Live also boasts a playable streaming network called GHTV to tackle with your trusty plastic guitar. Made up of two channels of constantly streaming music, you can dip in and out of tracks as and when they are playing. In an E3 presentation attended by Official PlayStation Magazine the team at Freestyle Games revealed an as yet unnamed new mode that's currently being worked on that will give you full access to all of the tracks in the streaming catalogue.

"One thing that isn’t on the store yet, it doesn’t have a name yet is going to be a party pass. It’ll allow you to pay real money to gain timed access to the entire music catalogue so it’s just going to open up the entire catalogue of songs for you for as long as that lasts for," explained senior designer Nathan Coppard. "Imagine you’ve got your friends coming over. You want to stick GHTV on, you want to just be able to make playlists and basically schedule your own programming."

Playing songs that are streaming live on the GHTV channels is entirely free but if you want to play on demand then you can use in game tokens known as Plays. Spending these on specific songs will let you play the song whenever you like, not just when it's on one of the channels. While Plays can be bought with real money, the team is confident that the game will offer enough to be getting on with.

“You can play on demand for free without spending any real money. This is all through stuff that you have earned playing the game," said Coppard. "We want to encourage it. GHTV is about the discovery of music. It’s about getting stuck in and finding the tracks you love. We’re going to be giving players Plays so they can get stuck in with all of the content available in the catalogue as well as enjoying the scheduled programmes.”

When asked just how often these Plays would appear during the game naturally the team says they are still finalising the process but they want to keep players happy. "Once we get closer, we’ll have that," confirmed producer Joel Davey. "We focus on making the game as fun as possible. That’s our job."

With a confirmed release date of October 23rd, Guitar Hero Live will be released on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

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