Guitar Hero II plays the lead

Tuesday 3 October 2006
After much will it/won't it speculation over Xbox 360's version of Guitar Hero II, we now have confirmation that, unlike its 360 joypad cousins, the new X-Plorer guitar peripheral won't be wireless.

Of course, in order to play Guitar Hero properly you do have to look at the screen and so Marty McFly-style spins and behind-the-head solos aren't really an option if you plan to score highly. But, even so, it does seem like a missed opportunity, especially as any shredder will tell you that wireless systems allow for greater freedom on-stage.

The 360 version is scheduled for release in 2007, quite a while after the PS2 version's November release. But 360 six-string lovers shouldn't feel too hard done by - bonus content in the form of exclusive new tracks will be available for download on Xbox Live in the months after the game's release.

We'll bring you more on Guitar Hero II very soon. Until then, rock on.