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God of War: Ascension single-player demo out today

God of War: Ascension will come roaring into retail on March 12, but you can get a taste of its bloody campaign on PlayStation Network today. The demo will be available free for all PSN users, and showcases Kratos' escape from The Prison of the Damned.

According to this new trailer, it looks like the Ghost of Sparta won't be digging his way out with a spoon.

The usual gamut of mythological beasts will play pincushion to Kratos' new moves and abilities, giving players a look at the havoc they'll wreak once the full game releases. Check out our hands-on with Ascension from earlier this month to learn more.

Don't forget that this is also the first God of War game to pack in a multiplayer mode, which is where pre-orderers will find their bonus content in the form of extra characters and weaponry.

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