Go Fight Fantastic! is a frenetic new couch co-op action game with a demo coming soon

Go Fight Fantastic! is a new action-packed couch co-op adventure game, with a limited time demo out soon, as announced in the Future Games Show Summer Showcase Powered by Intel.

The new action RPG comes from Swedish developer Dinomite Games, and sees four intergalactic smugglers arrive on the mysterious Bird Planet to battle it out with alien forces. Oh, and they're all led by an adorable Australian space dog called Captain Bowie.

Go Fight Fantastic! boasts online or couch co-op with up to three people, or you can go the entire thing alone. Throughout the entire story mode, you can choose to play as one of four heroes, each with their own unique abilities and upgrades, and you can even switch between them on the fly without having to so much as pause the game.

All four heroes start out as either a Tank, Healer, Striker, or Controller, but you can fine-tune them using upgradeable abilities. You can even customize your hero to rain down death by a thousand punches, or a Striker that can step in for the Tank to take a beating.

Dinomite Games' action frenzy takes place from a top-down perspective in real-time, so you'll be hacking and slashing your way through hordes of foes while dodging incoming attacks at the last second. The entire thing takes place against beautiful hand-drawn environments on the hostile Bird Planet.

Go Fight Fantastic! launches later this year in September, exclusively on PC, with planned Steam Deck support. Wishlist it now on Steam so you can drop in as soon as the new limited-time demo launches.

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Hirun Cryer

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