Give JRPGs a chance

Yes, yes, we’re all sick of the standard “plucky youth out to save village” and the “quirky girl love interest” stock characters in JRPGs. We cringed when we saw Estelle’s character design (pink hair is evil), but after listening to some tidbits on the back story for each character, we’re cautiously optimistic that there’s more going on here for the Vesperia characters than the typical emo sob story most JRPG leads get stuck with.

Check out the character bios below to decide for yourself or skip to the next page for more dogging on Paul’s perspective.

Yuri is an ex-knight who now works as a mercenary in the bad side of town. He looks tough, but he’s really a softie out to defend the weak against the snobby aristocrats who don’t give a damn about how things go down in the slums.

Estellise (Estelle)
This pink haired heroine is the castle healer in the dungeon Yuri winds up in. You know how it is - inmate meets girl, girl longs to see world, jail break ensues...

Yeah, Karol’s a girl's name, we know - but try saying that to this kid’s face and you’re liable to get a mouthful of the huge ass mallet he carries around in his equally huge ass bag.

Don’t mess with this babe, or she’ll mess you up. You think those goggles are for show? Nope - they’re to keep the blood out of her eyes when it starts spraying. And she’s a scientist!

Flynn’s a knight, in case the sword and armor didn’t tip you off. A friend of Yuri’s, he travels the world doing awesome things… if not necessarily helping people.